Tuesday, September 29, 2015

C3 - the origins of XP

I think this is not widely known, even among Scrum/XP practitioners and therefore I would like to spread it: please devote 10-15 minutes of your time to learn about C3 - Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation project.

If you read even these three short entries:

you will learn why this project is regarded as the one that gave birth to XP and you will see which, now very famous, folks from XP/Scrum world worked on C3 in the '90s.

To give you a trailer, this is what Chet Hendrickson wrote in the article that I provided the link to (last from the list). Share this with your Product Owner :-)

When C3 was restarted under Kent Beck’s coaching, Marie sat down and wrote the user stories we needed for the first release plan. She was able to explain how the stories fit together. She assigned their priority. She questioned our estimates. She would have made the estimates, if we had let her, and she would have down about as well as we did. She approved every acceptance test. She did a hundred other things that we eventually took for granted.

We don’t know how Marie learned to do all of this. Marie didn’t know how she knew it. She must have known before we started the project, because we don’t know how Marie knew these things, we were not able to help her do them. And, because Marie didn’t know, she wasn’t able to teach others how to help her (...)

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