Saturday, January 10, 2015

Practical Scrum Training (1) Outline of the application

Next several posts will be devoted to the Practical Scrum Training I decided to develop. The basic idea for the application that will serve as an example will be this:

A desktop application capable of maintaining and presenting a family tree. The basic version of it (that students will be provided with at the start of the training) will most likely allowed just for:
  • entering individuals and defining their relationships
  • presenting data (I'm not sure how, at the moment)
  • persistently storing the data so that it can be loaded at next start of the application
That's most likely all it will do. It will not be written with great care to the craftsmanship and that will be on purpose - it should be like any of these applications that you start working on when it has already been developed to some extent and your job is to extend it rather than develop it from scratch.

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